Augmenting Medical Conversations

If artificial intelligence understood human language, we think it should participate in critical conversations and help us make important choices by finding causality where humans can not; seamlessly validating information in the background.

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Designing the new world with augmented conversations

Corti improves the quality of your conversations, so you can make better decisions.

  • Getting to know you

    Corti uses your existing data to understand your language and environment.

  • Looking out for you

    Corti operates seamlessly in the background and alerts you of critical cues.

  • Making you shine

    Corti adds to your knowledge and helps optimize your plan of action.

  • Improving for you

    Corti automatically incorporates every conversation to become better for you.

  • This is an innovation with the potential to change the way Emergency Medical Services handle emergency calls. We are excited about our partnership with Corti.

    Freddy Lippert, CEO of Emergency Medical Services Copenhagen

  • Artificial Intelligence is extremely promising, yet very difficult to successfully navigate. The Corti team possesses the skills to make an enormous impact.

    David Helgason, Corti Investor & Co-Founder of Unity

  • Corti’s bold and ambitious efforts in speech recognition can have limitless applications for all kinds of business.

    Hampus Jakobsson, Corti Investor & Co-Founder of Nordic Makers