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The Augmentation Cycle

Corti is an AI for work that helps people make the most of every conversation by listening in and assisting in decision making.

  • Learn

    When you start using Corti, it will gather all your data and start training a custom model for your company.

  • Search

    When you go live with Corti it will run seamlessly in the background, constantly searching for critical signals and patterns in every conversation.

  • Assist

    When Corti’s deep learning algorithms come across a critical signal or pattern in a conversation, it live alerts the agent about the potential risk or opportunity.

  • Upgrade

    As the agent reacts to Corti’s recommendation, Corti’s model will use the continued flow of the conversation to upgrade its algorithms, making it better every time.

  • Artificial Intelligence is extremely promising yet very hard to successfully navigate. The Corti team possesses the skills to make an enormous impact.

    David Helgason, Co-founder Unity

  • This is an innovation with the potential to change the way Emergency Medical Services handle emergency calls. We are excited about our partnership with Corti.

    Freddy Lippert, CEO Emergency Medical Services Copenhagen

  • Technology should enable people to do more, not the other way around.

    Andreas Cleve, CEO Corti

Unleash your data to augment every conversation

Humans have limited capacity for remembering and utilizing huge amounts of data. Computers don’t. Corti is the AI that analyzes conversations and coverts petabytes of dark data into live recommendations and predictions.

A world empowered
by AI

We are on a mission to leverage the advances of artificial intelligence in the critical situations of our lives to positively impact all of us.

Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs and PhDs is on a mission to refocus on what is really important: quality of life.